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‘THAIPAT’ Launches the Partnership Against Corruption for Thailand (PACT)

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11 March 2015 – Thaipat Institute launches the Partnership Against Corruption for Thailand (PACT) Network with the ultimate goal of expanding anti-corruption practice throughout chains of supply in industry-specific targets.

Thaipat Institute’s director Dr. Pipat Yodprudtikan says the PACT Network begins its anti-corruption mission with the creation of an action-oriented platform. He explains that in line with internationally recognized principles and guidelines, this platform is designed to facilitate the implementation of anti-graft policies and measures in industry-specific targets.

The PACT Network brings together organizations from various fields through their shared goal of combating corruption. Under this network, they pursue action-oriented guideline from declaring their commitment to fight graft, to formulating anti-corruption policies, and to establishing anti-corruption mechanisms and process in their organizations before expanding the anti-corruption practice further to their business partners and suppliers.

“The PACT Network is an anti-corruption milestone in Thailand’s private sector, which has operated through partnerships and supply chains. The PACT provides its members with a practical platform, which is developed based on the principles/guidelines of the United Nations Global Compact as well as the Transparency International. The PACT Network has PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting (Thailand) Company Limited as its Consulting Partner,” Dr. Pipat says.

The Thaipat Institute has already compiled a How-to Manual on “Anti-corruption in Practice”. All members of the PACT Network can get this manual free-of-charge. When these members follow the PACT concept, they shall install the action-oriented platform in three following stages:

Commit:Members must declare its commitment to combating corruption via their official statements or their executives’ statements. The commitment must be backed by proofs of anti-corruption measures and actions that the management has undertaken.
Establish:Members must translate their anti-corruption commitment into actions, through the formulation of clear-cut policies and the installation of internal control system that can be used to detect and prevent corruption.
Extend:Members must nudge its business partners and suppliers into adopting anti-corruption policies and guidelines.
When each member of the PACT network sets up such platform at its workplace, its staff’s awareness of the need to combat corruption will increase. Through the platform, the management will also have greater tools and mechanisms to monitor anti-corruption efforts. Entrepreneurs in related supply chains and industries, meanwhile, will be encouraged to adopt the same anti-corruption guideline and monitoring system. The society, on its part, is set to recognize such contributions to graft prevention.

All listed companies and business organizations are now welcome to join the PACT Network. More information, including the How-to Manual on “Anti-corruption in Practice”, is available at

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